Brinsea CONTAQ Z6 Incubator

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This incubator truly has everything a breeder needs! It offers a unique "contact" incubation method where the eggs are warmed by an artifical skin that lays on top of them, mimicing the mother sitting on the eggs. This leads to a much stronger start, and earlier development of the embryo. After the inital growth period, you can switch it to a traditional moving air incubator for the remainder of the incubation, and then switch to hatch mode for hatching. Many exotic breeders have found great success with the Contact system, and report excellent hatch rates. This is a revolutionary product, and the only one of it's kind.

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Contact Incubator / Conventional Moving Air Incubator / Hatcher

The Brinsea CONTAQ Z6 – designed to enable you to set all the incubation parameters your eggs would experience in their natural nest. 

The Z6 is the latest high performance egg incubator to feature patented Contact Incubation Technology (CIT) which accurately mimics the nest conditions and warms the egg by contact with the top of the shell. 

Added Flexibility

The Z6 also operates as a very high performance conventional moving air egg incubator or as a top quality hatcher – with a dedicated hatching mode as part of its control system. 

Since initial field trials in 2000 Brinsea’s patented Contact Incubation Technology has established itself as a real step forward in incubation. 

Eggs are warmed by contact with an artificial skin, rather than being surrounded by warm air, and the result is much stronger and faster development of the embryo in early stages of incubation. Many breeders of exotic, rare and valuable species across the world have switched to CIT. 

The Z6 also allows the breeder to use conventional moving air mode for later stages of incubation and hatching where the benefits of contact incubation are less important and the greater control of humidity can outweigh the advantages of incubation by contact. 

A purpose designed hatching tray completes the Z6 specification, giving the best possible hatching results for any species.

Better than the real nest

Although CIT aims at reproducing the environment of bird and nest, with the CONTAQ Z6 the egg incubation environment can be seen as better than the real nest. There are no predators and no egg damage from inexperienced brood birds, no risks of disease or disturbance interrupting the parents. The professional breeder or advanced amateur now has an incubator which can be relied on to produce consistently higher yields of precious eggs – for birds of prey, for parrots and for endangered species.

Humidity pump accessible 
for easy maintenance
Hatching Tray 
with cover
calibration facility
Advanced roller 
Air Filter and 
Contact ‘Skin’

Key standard features

  • Contact incubation, conventional moving air and hatching modes
  • Reliable, flexible and easy to use microprocessor control system with improved temperature stability with Enhanced Proportional Derivative (PD) temperature control.
  • Microprocessor controlled roller turning system allowing full control of turning interval, angle and direction including randomization feature.
  • Mains and 12v DC supply inputs allow battery backup in case of mains failure
  • High accuracy calibrating thermometer supplied so control system calibration can be checked easily
  • High accuracy automatic humidity control
  • High quality stainless and galvanised steel cabinet construction for long life and ease of cleaning with integral heat retaining insulation panels improving electrical efficiency and temperature control.
  • Two stage air filtration in moving air and hatching modes to keep the air clean for emerging chicks
  • Front loading drawer design gives ideal access to eggs and chicks whilst being stackable and space efficient

Control System

The electronic controls, based on well-proven technology, can be used to define precisely the environment required, controlling temperature of the skin, the time it spends sitting on the eggs and away from the eggs and the amount of movement to take place for each change of egg position. 

The Z6 recreates the brood patch with a warm air-filled plastic diaphragm (the skin), which can be inflated and deflated. A conveyor belt system rotates the eggs. To control the Z6 Brinsea has developed a fully flexible system using an 8 bit microcontroller with a 16 character display. Through a simple 3 button, menu-driven interface the breeder can control:

– of the skin in contact mode or air temperature in moving air mode

Humidity level – of the egg chamber

Cooling – duration and interval that the skin is retracted from the eggs, simulating the bird leaving the nest.

Turning – direction, angle and frequency of egg rotation with option to randomise egg turning within user defined limits.

Alarm – for high and low temperature. Internal alarm sounder and message 
on the display. 

Power Back-up – battery may be connected at same time as mains for auto back-up

Plus: Predictive temperature stability system incorporating active temperature overshoot elimination.


External dimensions: 32cm x 66cm x 59cm (12 1/2" x 26" x 231/4" ) – H x W x D
Weight: 30Kg
Power consumption: 110W max and 60W nominal operating
Input voltage: 12v DC and 115v AC or 12v DC and 230v AC as specified
Examples of typical maximum egg capacities:
Quail 152, hen 60, goose 24, macaw 100, parakeet 200

The best solution to every stage of incubation - naturally

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Brinsea
Model No
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 60
Goose Egg Capacity 24
Quail Egg Capacity 152


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