Brinsea Hatchmaker R Reptile Incubator

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Reptiles eggs develop best in warm humid conditions and buried in an clean, absorbent material. Temperature control can affect the sex of the hatchlings as well as the number that successfully hatch and so must be consistent, stable and accurately controllable. Reptile eggs absorb moisture during incubation (unlike bird's eggs) and require very high humidity levels to prevent dehydration. Unlike bird's eggs they must not be turned. The very long incubation periods for many reptiles can cause problems with hygiene allowing bacteria to grow in the warm humid environment.

The Hatchmaker R has been developed by Brinsea to provide these conditions in a complete product that is also safe and reliable and complete with detailed instructions for the novice reptile breeder. 

Incubator Features

The incubator cabinet is tough and well insulated with an observation window and is fitted with the temperature control system which can be finely adjusted without opening the lid. Inside is the removable, purpose designed reptilian egg chamber which is almost sealed and allows the eggs to be maintained at virtually 100% humidity.

Oxygen supply to the chamber is regulated by a simple vent control. The inner chamber is formed from clear plastic and is easily cleaned. The incubation thermometer (built to Brinsea's specification) fits into the lid of the inner chamber and can be viewed through the cabinet window without disturbing the eggs.

Vermiculite, supplied with the incubator, half fills the inner chamber and is soaked in water. The eggs are then part buried in the vermiculite. Condensation will not form on the inside of the lid of the chamber while the incubator is in use - preventing drips falling on the incubating eggs. 

A 12v d.c version of the Hatchmaker R is available allowing the incubator to run from a car battery or other 12v supply (supply must be rated at 2.5A or more).




Specially designed 
reptile egg chamber


Egg chamber locates

within the incubator base


Overall incubator dimensions:

356mm  x  356mm  x  200mm high

Internal egg chamber dimensions:

280mm  x  280mm  x  50mm high
Typical egg capacities:

Leopard geckos 120
European tortoises 70
Bull snakes 20



Power consumption:

30W (max) 15W (typical)

Power supply:

230v 50Hz, 115v 60Hz or 12v d.c. as ordered
Incubator, reptilian incubation chamber, vermiculite, 
incubation thermometer, user instructions
Manufactured to ISO9000 2000 quality assurance standard.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Brinsea
Model No
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity No
Goose Egg Capacity No
Quail Egg Capacity No


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