Brinsea Hatchmaster H Incubator

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Whilst the Hatchmaser H can be used effectively to incubate from day one through to hatching, the lack of automatic turning makes it more suitable for reptiles or as a hatcher.

Temperature control is provided by Brinsea's proven proportional electronic system which gives very accurate and stable control unaffected by voltage variations and changes in barometric pressure.

The sensor and thermometer are mounted in a swivel clip which facilitates easy adjustment to suit a wide range of egg sizes.

Temperature adjustment is made by turning an externally mounted spindle. This multi-turn device allows very fine adjustment of temperature and is not easily turned accidentally.

Each machine is moulded from integrally skinned structural polyurethane which has a core of thermal insulation and hard, durable, impervious surfaces making it readily washable and tough enough to withstand scrubbing.

Polyurethane is amongst the toughest of plastics and must not be confused with cheap, fragile alternatives like expanded polystyrene. The excellent thermal properties of polyurethane foam result in low heat losses and low power consumption.

The natural convection system in Brinsea's still air incubator range provides near ideal conditions for hatching and is flexible and easy to use.

Other features include a removable double glazed window and external access to water reservoirs.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Brinsea
Model No
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity No
Goose Egg Capacity No
Quail Egg Capacity No


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