Brinsea OVA-Easy Advance Humidity Pump

Humidity Regulation for OvaEasy Incubators and TLC Brooders

Most incubators require the user to control the humidity manually by adding or removing water. This upgrade maintains humidity at the level precisely set by theuser regardless of changes in room humidity, allowing for more control over your hatching/brooding. It can be combined with both the OvaEasy 190 and 380 Advance incubators, and with the TLC 40 & 50 Parrot Brooders. The external water source helps to reduce risk of bacteria as the water is not exposed to your eggs or hatchlings until it is in the form of humidity. With this addition, you can eliminate the risk of improper humidity, and increase your hatch rates, while reducing your stress!

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Humidity is a crucial factor in the success (or otherwise) of eggs and the EX versions of the OvaEasy 190 and 380 Advance incubators put accurate control of humidity in the hands of the user.

The standard OvaEasy 190 and 380 Advance egg incubators provide a continuous readout of incubation humidity but requires the user to alter humidity to achieve the ideal average level.

The EX version with the Humidity Pump effectively maintains the humidity level precisely at the level the user sets irrespective of changes in room humidity and so overcomes problems that can commonly lead to eggs failing to hatch – especially in the latest stages of incubation.

The Humidity Pump includes an external water reservoir eliminating the chances of water in the incubator harbouring bacteria.

The Humidity Pump module is designed to work seamlessly with the OvaEasy Advance egg incubators and can be purchased later as an upgrade from Advance to Advance EX status.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Brinsea
Model No
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity No
Goose Egg Capacity No
Quail Egg Capacity No


Slow an steadyReview by RobertH
it pumps a drip at a time and runs quite a bit. not too noisy, but you hear it. it keeps the humidity spot on though. I Like it, I would buy it again. set the incubator and forget it. Fill it up daily. It would be great if it could be used with other incubators (other than Brinsea) using it with the 380 model (Posted on 3/20/2013)

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