Incubator Accessories


Incubator Parts & Accessories

When incubating, there are items that you may need besides the actual incubator to help increase your chances of a successful hatch. Different incubators come with different standard features, so before you start selecting accessories, you will want to make sure you have a clear understanding of your incubator and how it works. I would always recommend reading the instruction manual included with your incubator to find out more about what you need with that unit.

Popular Accessory Choices

Some accessories are not necessary at all, but can simply make your life much easier, such as humidity pumps and egg turners. Others, such as a back-up thermometer or hygrometer can make all the difference to your incubation.

Egg Turners

Egg turning can be accomplished by hand, but many people prefer the automatic egg turning since it can be so tedious and time consuming. All of the bird egg incubators that we sell either come with turning trays, or they are able to be added on. Many of the cabinet style incubators come with built in turning trays, while most of the tabletop incubators will offer a turner that is removable. This is because of the limited space in your smaller units- if you plan to hatch in the same incubator as the rest of your incubation, then you will need to remove the turner in order to have hatching room. Cabinet incubators, on the other hand, either assume you will be using a separate hatcher, or come with a provided hatching tray in the bottom, so removing/disabling turners is not necessary very often, except for when moving or viewing eggs.

Egg Candlers

While not a necessity, this is my favorite accessory. An egg candler will let you see inside the shell of your egg so that you can track the growth of your embryo. Egg candlers come in many different sizes and shapes, and some people choose to simply use a small pen-light. However, the thicker your egg shell, the more powerful of a candler you will need. We have gotten some amazing videos of ducklings moving inside the eggs, and it is one of the most exciting moments (other than hatching, of course) of the entire incubation process.

Thermometers and Hygrometers

Most all incubators come with a thermometer to help you set and adjust the temp as needed. However, not near as many come with an included hygrometer. Humidity and temperature require a delicate balance with incubating, and having either one set improperly can lead to a poor or failed hatch. That is why it is recommended to always have a backup. We often suggest purchasing a 2-in-1 unit so that it takes up less space inside the incubator. You  can also use probe style, or even wireless ones where only a small transmitter/sensor needs to be placed in the incubator.

Of course, if you ever need help determining what accessories you require for your incubator, you can always reach us at (800)259-9755 for assistance.