Ostrich Incubators

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As one would expect from the world's largest bird, Ostrich eggs are comparatively huge and have very special requirements for hatching. There are very few incubators on the market that can handle the immense size and special needs for ostrich egg incubation. Here we have incubators that have proven track records of hatching ostrich eggs. There are very few tabletop incubator models that can accommodate the large size of the ostrich egg, and none that currently allow for automatic egg turning. Typically, only 1-2 eggs would be able to fit inside a tabletop incubator, so this would only be a suitable choice for someone who did not intend to incubate a large number of ostrich eggs, or was only occasionally incubating ostrich eggs along with other incubation projects that a tabletop incubator is more suitable for. Most breeders who are doing small scale ostrich egg incubation will find that they require a cabinet incubator to handle any more than 1-2 ostrich eggs. Even with a cabinet incubator, 6 is about the maximum capacity. One benefit of cabinet incubators is that they can provide automatic egg turning of Ostrich hatching eggs, which can be a great convenience for those with more hectic schedules, especially with an incubation period about twice that of chicken eggs. If you are in the market for a new ostrich incubator, or considering becoming an ostrich breeder, feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have at (800) 259-9755.