R-Com Pro 20 with USB Incubator

Pro Incubation With Computer Hookup

This incubator is truly one of the coolest options available. First, you can automatically control your incubator by selecting your birds species with both temperature and humidity! You can also adjust these manually if you prefer. It comes with an egg turner built in. The best part, however, is that this system hooks up to your computer, allowing you to control and monitor your incubator through a USB cord! You can monitor the weight loss, density, and have real time updating of incubation conditions! This even allows you to update your incbuator's firmware through the USB connection. Truly an innovative and unique approach, this incubator would be ideal for a laboratory or classroom setting.

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R-com Pro 20The R-Com 20 Pro with USB is an incubator that allows you to have not only high control over your incubation, but also allows you to monitor and track your hatch via an internet connection. From your computer, you can control the humidity, egg turning angle, and egg turning interval with the incubation condition management software included with the incubator. You can also control your settings for temperature and humidity automatically, simply based on the type of bird! These can also be controlled individually, so you can have total control over your incubation. 

With the PC Connecting Mode, you can monitor information on your eggs such as the density loss, weight loss, and get incubation condition real-time graphs.

R-Com Pro 20 2

This incubator has a whole new approach to humidity. With their large water tank, you are not only getting a better humdifiction capacity, but there is no need to use an evaporating pad! It has a controlled humidity built in, so that the humidity is correct based either on your bird type or your manual setting, all you have to do is add water to the reservoir, and it does the rest!

R-Com Pro 20 USB 3

The digital controls are easy to use. They include temperature and humidity adjustment controls, as well as buttons for controlling automatic egg turning. In addition to the digital displays of humidity and temperature, they also feature indicator lights that show you if the heater is working, if the humidification system is working, if automatic egg turning is active, and one that will blink to alert you that your water level is running low. All the function you need is literally at the touch of a button.

R-Com Pro 20 USB 4R-Com Pro 20 USB 5

Exterior features of the R-com Pro 20 with USB include a double paned viewing window, an easy access water supplement hole for filling the tank, a quick-lock button for the lid, and a sensor for the temperature and humidity. Interior features include an innovative evaporation heater, an air cirulation fan, an automatic turner, and the large reserve water tank.

R-Com Pro 20 USB 6

Setting up your R-Com Pro 20 with USB for use is pretty simple- just assemble the components as show, lock the lid, and plug it in! Since this incubator also includes the USB function, you will also need to attach the USB cord to your machine and computer, and download or install any necessary software.



Power- AC 100V-120V, 50Hz

Temp Limits- 68F-107.6F

Humidity Limits- 20%-70%

Capacity- Universal Tray 20-50 eggs

Weight- 9 lbs 9.4 oz

Dimensions-  20" x 16" x 6"


Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer R Com
Model No
UPC Does Not Apply
Chicken Egg Capacity 20
Goose Egg Capacity 10
Quail Egg Capacity 50


AmazingReview by Jessica
This incubator is simply amazing. I couldn't ask for better control over my hatch! I use this for my parrot eggs since they are so valuable, and it really lets track and monitor their progress. I have had much better hatch results with this incubator than any other, and I feel more confident trusting it to hatch my eggs. (Posted on 1/6/2014)

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